5 carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid at all costs

Posted on 28.07.2016 by Jack Andrews

Cleaning carpets is a great way to keep them looking fresh as they were the day you bought them, but doing that the wrong way can really mess them up and permanently damage them. You will need to work on carpet cleaning in a careful way in order to avoid the most common mistakes made by people. Let us cover some of these common offenders in the following tips and guidelines ahead:

  • Use of harsh chemicals

    Although they really get the job done if you are trying to brute force your way into cleaning an aggressive stain, they will often do just as much damage to a surface as the stain you’re trying to clean up. Harsh chemicals will rarely be good for your carpets or rugs, since they can easily damage surfaces and could become the source of carpet fibres to weaken with repeated cleaning. They can also cause discoloration with some materials if you work with them, which needless to say would be a catastrophe.

  • Not cleaning up stains right away

    When you have spills you would do well to work on cleaning them up as soon as you notice them over leaving it for a later time. Once the stains set they will be extremely hard to remove, they will be much harder to remove in the long run. When you are cleaning spills you need to start by blotting the stain with a dry towel to remove the excess liquid of the surface without pressing down. Pouring liquid or spraying any cleaners on the stain will only widen it and spread it, making things worse.

  • Excessive vacuuming

    It is all well and good when you are cleaning and vacuuming a carpet, but going too far with it can seriously shorten the life of your precious carpet. Vacuuming will work great to remove debris and dirt from the fibres of your carpet, but too much friction and vacuuming can cause the fibres to loosen up, which could end up making it look worn out and even discoloured.

  • Using the wrong kind of vacuum cleaner

    There are certain types of vacuum cleaners that work best on specific carpets, but using the wrong kind of vacuum on the wrong carpet will end up being pure disaster. A good example of that would be the use of beater bars and brushes on sensitive carpeting, as this will tear right through them and cause them to fray and tangle. If you’re not quite sure which vacuum will work best for your carpets and rugs, you should go with your manufacturer manual and good old common sense. If you have stubborn stains it would be best if you hire a cleaning company instead.

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