How to Clean a Cut Pile Carpet

Posted on 28.07.2016 by Jack Andrews

Standard cut pile carpeting is one of the easiest types of carpets you can work on cleaning. They will not have the fibres and loops in varying widths and lengths, something often seen with other carpets that have debris stuck inside them.

    Cleaning a cut pile carpet can be done fairly easily, with a vacuum cleaner using a rotating beater bar for example. You will need the beater bar to agitate the surface of the carpet, letting the vacuum sweep and clean down all the way to the backing of the carpet. Setting the hoover at the right height based on the length of the carpet fibres is important too. Set it too high and it won’t work, but if you set it too low and you will put a lot of strain on the vacuum cleaner and the carpet itself. You will know the vacuuming is working if you see the carpet vibrating and extending a bit from the cleaner.

    Allowing any of the debris to remain within the carpet will make for bad results such as packing and matting. You will also do well to consider the use of steam cleaning at least once every year if possible. This is one of the ways to ensure all debris and oil is gone from it, something vacuum cleaners will not be able to get rid of. If you want to have great results, then you may need to hire carpet cleaning services from a professional cleaning company.

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