Reuse, reduce, recycle: carpet edition

Posted on 01.08.2016 by Jack Andrews

Some of the best ways to be environmental friendly are by cutting down the rate of consumption and recycle where possible. There are many facts about what recycling can do more so when it comes to energy saving. With almost every homeowner having a carpet at home, there is a need to come up with a good strategy to ensure that when they get old, they don’t end in landfills harming the very environment that we survive in.

The enormous responsibility lies with the homeowners. They are the one who decide whether to reuse, reduce or recycle the carpet.

House clearance service companies have the responsibility to help in recycling. Their charges and view about old carpets potential will determine whether they venture into recycling of carpets or not.

The government has a crucial role in carpet recycling. They should sensitise people on the importance of environmental conservation and eliminate the high cost of recycling products.

Carpet reduce

This is the first word in the mantra of the three R’s rule. Reducing means using less of a product. It is more efficient, cheap and easy to implement compared to reuse and recycle. Reuse delays the eventual disposal. The cost of reducing involve transporting a carpet from one location to the other instead of buying another.

Carpet reuse

Reuse beats recycling regarding energy and resources spent in collecting remanufacturing and distribution of new products. The term reuse could mean rebranding what you already have or buying a used carpet which has been washed and dyed to its new condition.

Carpet recycle

This is the last process which if not implemented will lead to development of landfills. Recycling any product saves energy and resources compared to manufacturing new products from raw material. However, recycling is expensive often calling for advanced machines which few home clearance service companies own.

Just like plastic, carpets can be recycled. Some carpet materials are harder to recycle than others and that it why it is advised to ensure that during the purchase you buy the recyclable carpets. As a homeowner, you should make the carpet recycling easier. How? When putting waste in the garbage bin, separate what is recyclable from what is not Sorting makes it easier for the recycling companies. Ensure that you label the waste containers.

Using recycled material is not in the list of the three R’s rule but is a wise move as it is environmentally friendly and encourage recycling.

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