What Carpet Colour Should You Choose for Your Bedroom

Posted on 28.07.2016 by Jack Andrews

When it comes down to having a bedroom furnished, you would often look for a good blend of comfort and decoration that has a practical side as well. Although this may seem like a relatively small detail, the right carpeting will be one of the best ways to make your place cosier and easy to clean. With the options you find on the market, it may seem pretty hard to choose a carpet for the bedroom. If you are really ready to shop for some new carpeting, then you must heed a few things before you begin in terms of carpet cleaning and more, else you will end up with a carpet you will loathe later down the line::

  • Setting up a proper budget

    One of the first things homeowners usually consider while shopping for bedroom carpeting is the texture and colour, but budgeting is equally important to the whole process. Determine whether the budget is adequate and keep in mind that this may be the most important step you will take toward improving your home. Carpeting will depend on the size of the room, so make sure you measure everything before you move on. If you have a really large bedroom, then you will need to look for a more budget-friendly solution. Do keep in mind you will also need to work on carpet cleaning every so often, so making sure you make the right choice now will save you a mountain of trouble later. If you have a smaller bedroom however you will need much less to cover your room. With a good budget in mind you will save yourself plenty of time and trouble by going for the right grade of carpeting. Choose the easy to clean option if you want to avoid hiring professional cleaning services later.

  • Decide on the types of fibre you want

    When it comes down to carpeting, you can go for natural or synthetic fibres. Wool for example is one good material for carpeting since it has a nice and soft feel. Being a natural fibre however means it will be a more costly solution compared to others. Keep in mind that cleaning wool carpets is not an easy task. Synthetic carpeting is more budget-friendly, but they will also be the more realistic option if you are trying for a more budget-friendly solution. They will also be less troublesome to clean since they can take more of a beating, plus they are friendlier toward asthma and allergy sufferers, making them harder for house cleaning.

  • The importance of texture

    In bedrooms the carpeting will need to be comfortable and soft under your feet as much as possible, so choosing the right kind of pile texture is of extreme importance. With the right texture you can have your bedroom carpet turned into an attractive place, so it will also be equally important to go for an aesthetic choice as much as a budget-friendly one. Saxony pile carpet is a great choice for example because of its fluffy and pleasant texture. Velvet works well too due to a soft and pleasant feel, making it a good choice for bedrooms. Both of these will serve as a good choice, but Saxony has longer and looser fibres, compared to velvet with its denser and shorter texture. Carpet cleaning will be harder with the more soft textures, but it will be worth it aesthetically.

  • Finding the right colour

    Neutral colours such as grey, brown and tan will be a nice and safe option you can work with pretty much anywhere and in any bedroom, regardless of the rest of its look. It would be best to avoid any carpets that are extremely light in colour such as white or beige since the will get dirty much faster than the other choices. If you are more interested in a more colourful look, then you should not fear trying a bold solution for your bedroom. With lighter coloured walls you can go for a darker look for your carpeting. House cleaning will be easier later down the line. You can even do a lot of good with a simple patterned rug to change things around in a neutral bedroom.

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